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At the Elslerhof

Farm & family

The farm's history
Our history dates back to 1656, but the farm has been the proud property of the Hackhofer family since 1870. Grandpa Franz took over the reins in 1952 and managed the farm in close collaboration with his beloved wife Hildegard and their three children: Andrea, Martina and Gregor. Even back then, Hildegard offered nine cosy rooms to her guests and lovingly prepared breakfast for them. But fate befell her too soon. Franz continued to run the farm, but the room letting came to an end

The farm today

Today the farm is run by Gregor, his wife Stephanie and their children. Here you'll find four spacious holiday apartments in which every detail has been designed with plenty of love and care. What's special: The furniture was made by Gregor and Franz themselves using wood from our own forest. Here, on 14 hectares of meadows and 25 hectares of forest, including the Elslerkaser rustic alpine hut, located at 1,250 metres above sea level, we experience farm life. The stable is home to 18 dairy cows and 15 calves, which are lovingly taken care of by Gregor and Franz. Their milk is processed into butter, cheese, milk and yoghurt at the Drei Zinnen Mondolatte alpine dairy in Toblach, from where it finds its way into grocery stores. We currently deliver 270 litres of superior-quality, award-winning milk every day. We cultivate our fields ourselves. The first hay harvest begins in June, followed by a second one (Gruimat) in August. In autumn, the calves from the alpine pasture are allowed to graze a field.

The Elslerhof is a place where tradition and nature are closely connected, and we invite you to become part of our story.

Their cheerful laughter and zest for action always bring excitement to the farm. Together with their parents and Grandpa Franz, they experience exciting adventures. They're enthusiastic about helping to look after the animals and are real professionals on the tractor. It never gets boring with Tobias and Rene!

Tobias and Rene

Stephanie, the warm hostess of the Elslerhof, creates an open and welcoming atmosphere. She always welcomes her guests with a friendly smile and lovingly takes care of their needs. Stephanie's commitment and care will make your stay at the Elslerhof an unforgettable experience.

Stephanie, the power woman

Gregor followed his calling early on and took over the farm. His love for animals is reflected in his care for the farm's residents. At the same time, he is a passionate forest worker and finds fulfilment in this work, which is firmly linked to the tradition of the farm. His sons are his hard-working helpers.

Gregor, the hard-working farm owner

Franz grew up on the Elslerhof, and he knows every corner of the property. He takes great care of the farm and the animals. He looks after the stable residents every day. But Franz is also a hard-working helper in the forest. Their time with Grandpa Franz is always exciting for the children because they have plenty of adventures with him.

Grandpa Franz, the heart of the farm

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